Whisky Tunnel


Whisky Tunnel



Our historian is here on weekends and for special events. Join him on a whisky tour while sipping and learning about the art of whisky.

In the tunnel we offer a la carte tastings or a set menu of flights that are accompanied with a choice of chocolate to fulfill the palate.

The whisky tunnel is the perfect place to experience whisky in it’s fullest with a private and interactive whisky tasting tour.

Whisky Tunnel Tasting
Whisky Tunnel Tasting


of the Month

Whisky Selected for January 2017

J.P. Wiser’s Apple Whisky (35% alc)
Infused with natural apple flavors, the Wiser’s brand has recently released this to the public just in time for the winter season. With flavor reminiscent of apple pie, you will experience a well balanced blended whisky that is not only easy to drink, but still holding on to what complexities remain as a quality whisky.

Queso De Cabra (pasteurized goat’s milk, Spain)
This Spanish goat’s milk cheese is unusually mild compared to other styles, as goat milk typically has a strong bouquet, the Spaniards have perfected this while keeping its delicate flavor but strong enough to stand out from the ordinary. Expect a slightly creamy texture with grassy aromas
and a light finish.

Lindt Chocolate Caramel and Sea Salt (min. 47% cacao)
Maître Chocolatier for almost two centuries, Lindt provides us with a consistency that is readily available, and is a great compliment to full flavoured whiskies. This mild chocolate offers a pleasant balance of creaminess while not overly bitter. The addition of caramel bits will intensify the flavour of the southern whiskies. Make sure to let this melt on your tongue!

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Our Whisky Tunnel is the inspiration from an underground secret passage way created by the founder of Canadian Club Whisky, Hiram Walker.

Originally built in the late 1800’s and connected the distillery from Windsor right to Hiram’s Property in Detroit.

After Hiram’s passing in 1899, his sons would take over and during prohibition they would do dealings with the likes of Al Capone and the Chicago outfit to bootleg whisky to the United States, as Canadian whisky was the most sought after spirit during the 1920’s.

Today the entire distillery is owned and operated by Wiser’s Whisky. At CC Lounge we have created our own tunnel that houses over 300 different whiskies from Canada, the United States, and abroad, however, our focus is on North American Brown Spirits.

Distillery in Walkerville, now Windsor, circa 1905
Distillery in Walkerville, now Windsor, circa 1905